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Jimmy Bullard stars in Gorgeous George's video

Premiership footballer meets the London band in a pub and stars in their new video

One's a former premiership footballer that plyed his trade in the top-flight for Wigan, Hull and Fulham, the other is everyone's favourite Cockney-Gypsy Jewish Folk-Rock band. They met one night in a pub and decided they were destined to work together.

Gorgeous George, who have an EP entitled Prick Tease, were playing one of their residency gigs at The Shacklewell Arms last year when Bullard walked in and enjoyed what he saw. Speaking exclusively to Supajam, the band describe how events unfolded:

"We got absolutely hammered with him and he kept telling us he was gonna be in our next video. We thought nothing of it the next day, but it ended up happening! "

Gorgeous George have already released the song 'John Wayne Enterprise' as a single, but it will also be available on their upcoming EP Turnout that will be released via Beer Belly Records on May 12th. Another song from the EP, 'When I Go Out On Saturday', is set to be included in a compilation released by Sunday Best.

The video sees Bullard smoke a roll-up, take a dump, pretend to be a cowboy builder and have a dramatic stare-down... with himself. Check it out below.

Is Jimmy Bullard the next Vinnie Jones, or should he leave the acting to the actors?

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