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John Grant fights through flu to deliver a stand out set at Glastonbury

John Grant battles the flu at Glastonbury - review!

John Grant has flu. Big time. He explains that this is going to affect his vocals.

Not that the 5,000 devotees gathered today for his mid afternoon slot in the John Peel tent could give a shit. To be honest he could be delivering his last 3 albums by spoken word and they would have done the heavy lifting for him.

There’s something mildly thrilling hearing an entire tent belting out the chorus to “Greatest Mother Fucker” and Grant, who played the Park stage this time last year, knows it.

“Sinead O Connor told me it’s not the notes you sing, it’s the way you sing it” he tells the audience before delivering a stunning rendition of “Glacier”. And for the next hour he not only battles through but delivers one of the defining sets of the day. Dancing along to “Pale Green Ghosts” and “You & Him” and belting out the ballads with the aforementioned “Glacier” and “Queen Of Denmark”

Get better soon Mr Grant. If this was you on half gas we can only imagine what sort of set you will knock out next time around. 

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