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John Lydon continues to defend racists

John Lydon continues to defend racists
John Lydon’s defence of the massively racist Donald Trump has already got him into trouble, so he’s doubled down on it and issued an attempted defence of what he said yesterday. Speaking to Virgin Radio this time, he said “I didn’t expect to be misunderstood, I think I speak very clearly,” and then went on to prove he hadn’t been misunderstood. 
“America now has a new President and whether you like him or not you have to support him or you will destroy the country. You got to make things work.” Err… I think you’ll find it’s the president who is destroying everything, since when did John Lydon preach subservience to a brutal state? 
He went on to say “The attitudes that are being pulled on him are stupid and wrong. He’s got some serious money issues and business concerns that deeply fascinate all of us but to be smearing him as a racist, this isn’t right, there’s no evidence or proof to that and until there is, I’ll stand up and say that I think that’s wrong.” Ah, yes John, there’s no evidence Donald Trump is racist beyond the massive list of racist things he’s done in the last year. 
John’s even feeling sorry for himself. “For the next week and a half the rag-and-bone trade that we call the media is going to be calling me a racist, that’s the tomfoolery of it all. That’s going to be damn upsetting all over again to my grandkids, isn’t it?” Maybe John, maybe think before you defend right wing loonies, because you tend to get covered in their shit if you do.

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