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John Lydon has applied to be Ireland’s Eurovision tune

John Lydon has applied to be Ireland’s Eurovision tune
There’s a bizarre music story going round today, claiming that ex-Sex Pistols man John Lydon has submitted a song to be Ireland’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. That is not only crazy, but it’s been confirmed as true.
Lydon has written a song called Please to Meet You with Niall Mooney, it has been entered into the Irish song contest competition, and Lydon would perform it. 
Mooney had this explanation: “RTE told us to find singers who are used to playing to big crowds, a catchy song and, most of all, something unexpected which has never been done before at Eurovision… I wrote to Johnny’s management, describing the idea of Johnny representing Ireland in Eurovision. They came back to me saying, ‘You may be surprised but we totally get this’.”
And Lydon says “It would be a great honour for me to represent Ireland for the Eurovision Song contest.” 
Let’s see this happen.

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