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John Lydon revealed as a Masked Singer

John Lydon revealed as a Masked Singer
If you’ve not seen it, the Masked Singer basically gets a load of celebs to dress up in elaborate costumes which completely conceal their identity and sing, while a panel tries to guess who they are. It’s a great, fun show and in the UK the panel constantly guess superstars while the actual singers are lower down the rungs.
In the US version, someone in a horror styled Jester outfit has been performing hits such as School’s Out, and the panel guessed Roger Daltrey among others… then the mask came off and it turned out to be John Lydon.
“We’ve only got one life, and you must explore all the possibilities and be limited by no one for no reason,” he told Billboard after, and explained “Someone contacted my manager and we discussed it and I thought it would be really good because it meant my lovely wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, might get a great sense of fun out of it if she managed to guess who it was… We’ve lived together for 47 years, Nora and I, so she must have some clues as to who I am and what I can get up to.”


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