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John Squire confirms Stone Roses are not coming back

John Squire confirms Stone Roses are not coming back
Stone Roses guitarist John Squire has a new exhibition of his art out, but he’s got a problem: people just want to talk about his band. Apparently the fact singer Ian Brown said at their last gig two years ago “Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy that it happened,” wasn’t clear enough.
So, when asked by the Guardian if the Stone Roses were split permanently, he said yeah. To be honest we don’t think fans are going to need a helpline, we’ve all basically known this, but that last ray of album hope is gone.
Squire isn’t too sure why people care: “It was quite a brief period that gets a lot of attention still. I was surprised at the level of support we got when we got back on stage.” But luckily for us, Squire and Brown have an agreement not to discuss the ‘politics’ that went on inside the band.

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