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Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake have teamed up

Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake have teamed up
The Priest is a new artwork about homeless life. The visuals are actress Molly Windsor playing someone homeless on the streets of Manchester, the music if Smiths legend Johnny Marr, the spoken word is actress Maxine Peake and the words are the poetry of Joe Gallagher.
Gallagher was homeless, but used his skills as a writer to dig himself out, thanks in part to columns in the Big Issue (which he also used to sell). Marr is the heart of the project, and he explained “I wanted to do something different and I thought of asking Maxine to collaborate having been a fan of her work… We started a creative process that clicked and culminated in ‘The Priest’, a song and short film inspired by a facet of modern life as we see it and feel it.”
Here’s Maxine’s take: “It’s about asking questions… Everybody’s in a situation, everybody has a story. It’s about finding out why. We take things at face value, don’t we?... You form an opinion about something immediately, but you ought to step back a bit. Take in the vista first.”

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