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Joker director baffled’ people can’t tell the difference between art and reality now

Joker director ‘baffled’ people can’t tell the difference between art and reality now
The Joker is one of the best comic derived movies of all time, a powerful character study and about to storm the Oscars. It also caused complaints, and director Todd Philips has spoken about the fact he was “not prepared” for that. 
Here’s Philips talking to Empire about how people can’t tell the difference between art and reality now:  “I was not prepared, quite frankly…I was taken aback by people talking about the level of violence in the movie as if it was irresponsible, when to Joaquin and me, it had felt like the most responsible portrayal of violence I’d seen in a long time in movies… When you put real-world consequence on violence, isn’t that a responsible way of dealing with it? Isn’t showing violence to be disgusting and horrible more effective and responsible than celebrating violence? And then it snowballed into other things about ‘incel’ culture – a term I had to actually look up on the internet.”
He went on “Do we want to pretend that we’re not failing as a human experiment? Do we want to pretend that these people don’t exist? What is the harm in shining a light on that? Isn’t that a good thing?...So I was surprised at that, becoming a tool to be used against the movie when it’s like, isn’t that what’s great about being filmmakers – that we are able to explore these things in a safe environment? It’s a movie, ultimately – and representation has never equalled endorsement, so it was baffling.”

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