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Josh Homme avoided guests on new LP to avoid becoming a 'cartoon'

Josh Homme avoided guests on new LP to avoid becoming a 'cartoon'
You’re Josh Homme, and you’re a pretty big deal. You can call on just about anyone to guest on your LP, and let’s face it, your last one had Elton John. So, you’re about to make album seven, who do you call?
If you’ve seen the press for ‘Villains’, you’ll know Josh didn’t call anyone, and the anti Calvin Harris explained to NME why there’s no guests, and it’s basically to find their true selves and not become cartoons:
We’re fortunate enough to have a sound that’s our own but on the seventh record if you just hang with that same thing you become a parody of yourself, like a cartoon character. I think what was most important to me was that we hold on to what’s important and let everything else go, because you can really only control one thing and that’s letting go.
 “It just felt like ‘who are we now?’ And finding that was what it felt like we needed to do on our 7th record – Jesus, that’s a lot of fricking records. The first thing you ask yourself is ‘it’s your seventh record – who cares?!’ When you’re making it you need to find that reason for yourself.”

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