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Josh Kumra sells under 800 copies of new album.

Josh Kumra reveals disappointing first-week sales for his debut album.

In 2011, Josh Kumra topped the UK charts when he co-wrote and featured on Wretch 32's hit 'Don't Go'. His debut album was released last Monday and it's pretty safe to say that it won't be achieving a similar chart position in the immediate future.

Josh posted the poor sales figure on Facebook before later deleting it (or having it deleted for him).

It's easy to gloat here, but we feel this is quite a shame. Sure, it's no Nevermind, Rain Dogs or Thriller, but it's still a perfectly decent slab of songs to start a promising career with. In our very humble opinion it's far more worthy of success than a lot of the other guff trotted out by big labels.

Maybe the PR was off? Maybe it was one too many dudes with acoustic guitars? Maybe it just lacked the killer single? Who knows.

Anyway, if you fancy helping a guy out then check out the song below. If you like it then go and grab his album here.

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