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Kanye calls out Jimmy Kimmel over mocking interview

The rapper sternly rebuffs the comedian's poor attempt at spoofing him.

Turns out Kanye is a little sensitive when people want to poke fun at him.

His recent interview with Zane Lowe was something else. Filled with fanciful claims, oddball logic, and an overwhelming sense that this could be his equivalent of Martin Bashir's interview with Michael Jackson. It's weirdly engaging.

If you missed it then we put up a few highlights for you. Anyway, something like that was never going to escape parody. Jimmy Kimmel's effort is below:

It actually isn't that funny. It's forgettable filler that would otherwise be dated in under a week. Given how much potential the source material gives, they really should do better. But Kanye has swooped in to the rescue and given relevance to an otherwise drab attempt at pop-culture mockery.

Behold the wrath of Kanye, who responds to being called a child by... acting like one:








Now I ain't sayin' she a hole digger, but she ain't messin' wit' no polyfilla.

Ahem. Yeah. That dude is pretty nuts, he has to be joking but I'm not sure he is. If going into fashion and architecture don't work out for him then totally unintentional comedy could always be on the cards.

Want some honest media Kanye? Here's some honest media:

Let's look at one aspect, because we don't have all day. You are a famous musician, a talented one. You have some business nouse, kudos to you on that. But acting like you deserve to walk into the fashion industry is an insult to the designers, buyers, models and other dedicated people who have worked and studied their whole lives just to get a shot in that industry several levels lower than you'd even consider entering. Did you not think that maybe your fashion ideas got knocked down by fashion experts because they just weren't good enough? If Anna Wintour came to you with a woefully substandard track, would you put it on your album? Hell no!

You talk architecture? People have to study that in-depth for years before they get a say on a project of any sizable scope, because without that people could die. Give other things a go, that's healthy, but don't think you have a right to boldly stride into any field just because you speak loudly and have a name. Confidence isn't always a substitute for punching in and punching out every day for sizable chunks of your life.

Also, taking yourself ultra seriously doesn't mean everyone else has to. Sometimes there's breaking ground, other times there is simply being a dick.

This article is also available IN A MUCH BETTER STYLE THAT IS WORTHY OF THE ALMIGHTY KANYE. It's stupid.

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