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Kanye: new album on Friday and he nearly quit rap over religion

Kanye: new album on Friday and he nearly quit rap over religion
It seems like we’ve been gearing up for a new Kanye West album for ages, but it might finally emerge this Friday. Having told people the album was delayed because he was making it better, he’s now shared an image of a blue LP called Jesus Is King, with the release date of October 25th. It might be happening team.
So, the other part of our headline. Yes, Kanye is believed to have nearly given rapping up after a religious experience because he thought it Satanic. Pastor Adam Tyson told Apologia that when Kanye came to his church: “One time, he told me that he wasn’t going to rap… I said, ‘Why not?'” to which Kanye replied: “‘That’s the devil’s music.’ I said, ‘Hey, man. Rap is a genre. You can rap for God.’”
Indeed, “I definitely said, ‘Hey, bro. I think you need to use your talents that God’s given you and use that platform for God.'”

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