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Kanye quits Tidal

Kanye quits Tidal
The news headline ‘Kanye has hissy fit and quits something’ isn’t exactly groundbreaking, and this isn’t exactly top flight investigative journalism. Kanye West has been a member of Tidal’s artists team, so we could have written that headline and sat on it for the inevitable time.
But why has he quit? Money, basically. We are led to believe by TMZ that Kanye feels Tidal owes him three million dollars of their investor’s money, partly from when he put his new Life of Pablo album on the service one and a half million subscribers paid up to see it. And yes, we believe that if you make someone money you deserve a cut, so why wouldn’t Kanye want the money. There are also issues about videos.
But there is a bigger issue here. The Kanye West / Jay Z relationship was very productive, but appears to be in death throws, with Kanye making digs at Jay Z and the same coming back. Quitting Tidal, associated more with Jay Z than anyone else, is another power move, and the fact both sides have threatened to sue each other means the next product might be in court. 

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