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Kanye's new album 'from the year 3000'

"That shit is like some next-level 3000," Kanye's new album

Houston rapper Travi$ Scott said to MTV that he has heard West's much-anticipated new LP and claimed that it took his sound to the "next level".

"That shit is like some next-level 3000," he said. "We're already in the year 3000 fucking with that shit, and that's why I love hanging out with those guys over there. You get caught on to that new shit extra fast."

Is Kanye trying the classic method of hyper-secretive? Yes, and in response to that Scott replied: "You know how he feels about his shit. What I can say is, it's cool as fuck, you just learn a lot, you see a lot, you hear a lot and you just get the information super-early."

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