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Kasabian under fire for treatment of mentally ill

Kasabian under fire for treatment of mentally ill
Kasabian’s new song is called You’re In Love With A Psycho, and is sure to please fans of the band who didn’t want them to change or develop or really try very hard. However, the video has come in for some strong criticism, as it features patients in an asylum dancing about and acting very strange. Cliché, unhelpful strange.
Sue Baker of mental health charity Time To Change has spent a long time trying to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness, and she’s not happy with the video.  “As so many musicians have recently talked openly about their experiences of mental health problems it is disappointing to see this video…The use of the word ‘Psycho’ in a song and accompanying music video featuring people pretending to be psychiatric inpatients is unhelpful, damaging and disappointing when society is moving on from this sad and tired stereotype. We are sure the insult and harm was unintentional, or misjudged irony, but we are raising it as we know it will only serve to fuel stigma. ”
She continued: “If fans think it is OK to call people with mental health problems who have been psychiatric inpatients ‘psychos’, then we are turning back the tide of progress on public attitudes that are more respectful and less judgemental of people living with mental health problems. We are keen to work with the band and the music industry to help shift outdated stereotypes and stigma.”
This comes days after Kasabian’s own singer, Tom Meighan, spoke about his own battles with mental health. The video is below so you can see.

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