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Kasabian unleash new single and album info

Kasabian unleash new single and album info
We’ve known a new Kasabian campaign was coming, because they’ve been talking about ‘saving’ guitar music. Let’s look past the fact it doesn’t need saving and just focus on the fact we now know how they plan to do it: new album ‘For Crying Out Loud’ is out April 28th, while new single ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ can be streamed below.
Now, it’s recognisably Kasabian – guitar and Tom is present and correct – but it’s curiously mainstream in tone with a strong nod to the past. But, of course, to save guitar music you do need  people to listen, so why not start with something light. 
The album tracks are:
Ill Ray (The King)
You’re In Love With A Psycho
Good Fight
Come Back Kid
The Party Never Ends
Are You Looking For Action
All Through The Night
Sixteen Blocks
Bless This Acid House
Put Your Life On It

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