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'Kate Bush is a Tory?!': Fans freak out as singer praises Theresa May

'Kate Bush is a Tory?!': Fans freak out as singer praises Theresa May

People said after David Bowie passed, that the year couldn't get worse. It did. Brexit happened. 'Good grief, no more!' We cried, and we thought the universe had heard. Then Donald Trump, reality TV star and pussy grabbing white supremacist, won the American election. We thought that was the last straw, we really did, but today - somehow - it's got even worse: Kate Bush is probably a Tory.

Speaking to a Canadian magazine, the elusive singer - who is currently on course for a number one album with 'Before the Dawn' - said: “We have a female prime minister here in the UK. I actually really like her and think she’s wonderful. I think it’s the best thing that’s happened to us in a long time. She’s a very intelligent woman but I don’t see much to fear.”

She said: “I will say it is great to have a woman in charge of the country. She’s very sensible and I think that’s a good thing at this point in time.”

Not sure what to say? Well, here's what the internet has to.

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