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Katy Perry just pissed off Scotland while at Glastonbury

Katy Perry just pissed off Scotland while at Glastonbury
The flags at Glastonbury are a combination of national pride, references to in jokes only a few people will get, and outright comedy. There is always a show of genius as well as the sort of humour that makes you the office berk, and to be fair to Katy Perry, it can be hard to tell what’s what in the middle of a hit packed set in front of tens of thousands.
Katy Perry? Yeah, we mention her because she just pissed off Scotland. She spoke to the crowd during her gig and said “I can see all of you. Even that security guard in the neon. Way in the back by that blue flag with the x.” Which, as people have been very keen to point out on the internet, was actually the flag of Scotland.
Now there’s no reason why Katy would really need to know that, but it’s a warm afternoon and the twitter is flowing. 

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