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Katy Perry used to protest outside Marilyn Manson gigs

Katy Perry used to protest outside Marilyn Manson gigs
Katy Perry has always been a more fascinating figure than your average exploiting sex to sell records pop star, because she’s made no secret of how much she’s wrestled with her youth in an extreme Christian family. As she explained to Vogue
“My house was church on Sunday morning, church on Sunday night, church on Wednesday evening; you don’t celebrate Halloween; Jesus gives you your Christmas presents; we watch Bill O’Reilly on TV. That was my whole childhood and youth and early teens. I still have conditioned layers dropping off of me by the day.”
She said something else to the magazine, something bizarre considering her current position in the music industry and the way the Christian right hated her pretending to be bi for profit / genuine curious hit single (delete according to your cynicism) I Kissed A Girl: Perry and her family protested against Madonna and Marilyn Manson outside their gigs and handed out opposition pamphlets: 
“I miss references all the time. [Christian singer] Amy Grant was our Madonna. We knew about Madonna and Marilyn Manson in my family because we picketed their concerts.”
But on seeing one: it was “really interesting and weird.”

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