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Katy Perry wants to be a new Joni Mitchell

Katy Perry wants to be a new Joni Mitchell

Katy Perry is thinking about her career and making plans… and those plans involve more acoustic guitar. As she revealed to Billboard "I love Madonna to death, but she's never going to give me that damn baton…I'll probably turn into more of a Joni Mitchell. As I inch towards my 30s, I think my fourth record will be more of an acoustic guitar album. That's where I started when I was first discovered by Glen Ballard and got my first record deal."

So has Katy always wanted to be like that, and is the pop star image all invented? We don’t know, but she did say “'We'll see – I can't get ahead of myself. I'm still doing the work: I'm a good balance of left and right brain, and to be an artist with a long career, you've got to have both.”

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