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Keane: Oasis Should Produce US

Indie sops Keane and surly rockers Oasis haven’t previously got on, with the former branding the band “c****”, and Noel Gallagher of the latter stating that, whatever direction Keane went in, they’d still be both awful and the son of a vicar. So it comes as some surprise to see Keane singer Tim Rice-Oxley, he of the religious parentage, claim Noel should help produce their album.

He told the Daily Star “It would be great for Noel to produce us - I offer the olive branch. We’re huge fans." If you’re thinking this must be some publicity grabbing event, we tend to lean towards Rice-Oxley having lost the plot a bit, because he also said “I often wonder if Noel is almost resisting the truth that Keane and Oasis are alike in a lot of respects. I think we share a lot of fans. We are both bands of the people…People love coming to a Keane show and an Oasis show because there’s a directness to the songs and people come together in a very communal way." There was a community spirit at public executions, but that doesn’t make them like a Keane gig. Well, maybe for some people.

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