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Kent’s Wheels and Fins Music Festival Sounds Amazing

Kent’s Wheels and Fins Music Festival Sounds Amazing
Glastonbury has quite a hold on the festival imagination, given that they don’t just have great bands, they have acres of fascinating carnival. But Glastonbury has finished, and if you want something more than a band in a field, Kent’s Wheels and Fins festival has something for you, because this special boutique event is a ‘Action Sports and Music’ festival.
So what does that mean? You can see Twin Atlantic, and you can see soapbox racing, you can hear Danny Howard and you can see a BMX championships. Basically, there’s a great combination of quality music and stuff you might not find elsewhere. Also, if you do want some Glastonbury hippyness, it’s on Joss Bay, so there is beach yoga, an established surfing scene and this paragraph is scratching the surface. Alright, let’s dig a tad deeper: skater and Black Flag man Mike Vallely will be there with his new band.
So, Friday 8th to 10th of September, for a festival that has grown and grown from modest beginnings to something impressive, and is investing ticket sales in headliners still to be announced. There are rumours, but we better not spoiler in case. If you go, send us a picture of your sandcastle competition entry! Tickets are £40 for all weekend with no camping.

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