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Killdren fire back a spoof of Kill Tory Scum

Killdren fire back a spoof of Kill Tory Scum
Killdren hit the news last week when Glastonbury axed their set because the press discovered they had a song called Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You). The result was a lot of upset people who would never otherwise have heard of Killdren, and a lot of new fans in the same position. Killdren explained that the song was an outburst of anger, and if you sat through the video and got past the bit where someone is strangled in a car, it becomes about voting. The Jo Cox Foundation were livid, a group of passionate disabled tweeters were ecstatic. To be honest, it seemed a win win for all parties.
Now Killdren have come back and are emphasising the whole black humoured nature of their music, rather than the poorly judged murder bits, by releasing a remix cum rant called Tickle Tory Chums (Before They Tickle You). Once again, they hold to the idea a song is a song not an order, and that punk is deliberately provocative, a reading that’s divisive in Britain’s toxically split modern society.
There’s also a bit of Corbyn baiting, and we presume the press won’t complain about that bit. Anyway, here’s the video.

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