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Killers find no evidence to support abuse allegations

Killers find no evidence to support abuse allegations
Last week, a former crew member of a Killers tour made strong allegations that a woman had been abused during that tour – not by the band, but the behind the scenes travelling team. The Killers reacted as soon as their name became attached and launched their own internal investigation. Having interviewed staff, people connected to the venue, the accuser and the alleged victim herself, they are concluding there is no evidence of abuse.
“It could not be corroborated that there was ever a list placed on any door or any ‘line up’ or ‘train’ in any dressing room,” their statement says…In provided statements, staff from the venue in question noted that dressing rooms are not, and have never been, labelled alphabetically, and at that time the dressing rooms were interconnected and without doors. It was also established via all crew and Tour Management that upon arrival in any venue the dressing rooms are uniformly labelled with the band’s names.”
Indeed, they found “the woman from the Milwaukee show’s guest list who was furnished with ‘after show’ passes from the FOH Engineer” by obtaining touring records, but she confirmed that “she did not experience, witness or hear about a sexual assault”, as opposed to the accusers belief she had been victim…The guest in question confirmed that she and her friend were backstage after the show, did not witness any ‘train’ or ‘line up,’ nor were they left behind in the dressing rooms at the venue,” and she and the same friend attended 2009 Lollapalooza festival later that year on the band’s production guest list.”
The lawyers went on to tackle other allegations: “no one from the venue chased down a departing bus or raised concerns about a drunk, naked girl in the dressing room”, details which had been referred to in Cherrie’s post. The catering team “asserted that at no point did they see or hear of a drunk or naked woman in any dressing room and anything of the sort would have been immediately adioed to all attending Production Crew and Venue Security.”
However in future, “The band believe there should always be an easy way to report a situation that is concerning to anyone on the road with them, no matter their status or how briefly they are joining for,” and this will be set up.

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