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Kim Gordon announces solo album

Kim Gordon announces solo album
Hands up if you were surprised that Kim Gordon hadn’t actually released a solo album before? We were, then we thought about it, because you kind of assumed she must have done at some point?
Well the time is now. ‘No Home Record’ is her debut solo LP, and it’ll be out October 11th. The tracklist will include both ‘Murdered Out’ from 2016 and a new cut out today called ‘Sketch Artist’, which is all skittery beats and drones.
The reason for the title (and the album) is in this Gordon quote: “Why a solo record? And why now? I don’t know, but it wouldn’t have happened without the persistence of Justin Raisen… Living in LA the last few years it feels like home, but the transience of the place makes it feel sometimes like no home.”

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