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Kings of Leon Remix Album

That’s not Kings of Leon remixing an album, but a host of other artists remixing Kings of Leon for a new album. The project began when the band discovered that super producer and NERD mainman Pharrell Williams had remixed some tracks – as had Justin Timberlake - and the band thought: good idea. Also lined up for the album is Mark Ronson (let’s see if he does more than add some horns and phone it in), Linkin Park and Lykke Li.

Drummer Nathan Followill told Billboard "It's neat to have these people who we would've jumped at the chance to work with ourselves...coming to us before we even get a chance to ask them…It's amazing to hear your song played by these people who are so creative. Most of the time it takes me two or three listens to even wrap my head around, 'Oh man, that's our song'."

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