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Kloud announces livestream concert

Kloud announces livestream concert
We’ve mentioned the fantastic EDM producer Kloud on here several times in recent months, and still listen to both his album and his sets. We’re thus looking forward to what’s been announced: a livestream on December 20th in which everything, yes everything: “Each key, drum, synth, is played live.” 
Tickets are $10, and the set is about half an hour, plus there’s a Q and A. We’re intrigued to see how this works: presumably he’ll have musicians with him? Or will he be looping? We don’t want to know until the night when we’ll find out. 
However, we’ve noticed a number of people complain about the price / fact there’s any cost at all. Not to be lecturing here, but isn’t any source of performance income opportunities for young musicians good at this point?
Here’s his trailer:

And our favourite set: 

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