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Krept and Konan: banning drill will cost us the next Dre

Krept and Konan: banning drill will cost us the next Dre
The government’s complete failure to understand Drill Music and their draconian attempts to stop it being created amount to a culture war on a roots movement. Now the cross over stars of that genre have spoken out, commissioning a ten minute film to explore what banning drill will mean. They’ve called it Ban Drill and it premiered June 13th. There is a song to go with it of course.
Here's a quote from Krept at the launch: “[We] really needed to do this as we know how important the situation is. People have a perception of drill music. [They] don’t get it and understand it… We thought, let’s paint the picture and do it from the perspective of people that are from it. How can you judge it if you’re not from it? [It’s] for people to see the effect of what would happen if they banned this music. They could stop the next Dr. Dre. There wouldn’t be no positive youth direction if they banned it.”

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