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Kurt Rolls in Grave over Guitar Hero

Okay, so putting grunge icon Kurt Cobain in guitar hero as an unlockable character sounds like something approaching an honour in this commercial day and age, and not a feeble attempt to flog his image Elvis style for a few quid more. Maybe. And the character looks passably like Kurt, complete with his style and a Daniel Johnston T-Shirt. But Stereogum has posted has posted some video showing exactly what you can make Kurt do, and this includes singing Bon Jovi and Bush songs and looking pleased about it. Somehow, we don’t think he’d be a big fan of that. However, we have to leave the final word to Pitchfork, who surely came up with quote of the month: “On the plus side, it's not like Kurt Cobain can kill himself a second time.” Complain to them, not us.

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