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Kylie to complete her Glastonbury destiny

Kylie to complete her Glastonbury destiny
Fourteen years ago Kylie Minogue was going to headline Glastonbury, before a cancer diagnosis forced her to cancel. Now this destiny is going to be complete, because Kylie will be playing the legends slot at Glastonbury 2019.
Glastonbury explained: “We are delighted to announce that Kylie is finally bringing her show to Glastonbury. She’ll play the legendary Sunday afternoon slot at next year’s Festival. And we cannot wait.”
Whereas Kylie said “I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ll be playing the ‘Legend slot’ on Sunday 30th June at @GlastoFest 2019. It will be 14 years since I was originally meant to appear there and so much has happened up to now. I can’t wait to see you all there to share this special show.”

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