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LCD Soundsystem are our defining Glastonbury moment

LCD Soundsystem are our defining Glastonbury moment

Well, holy shit. On Tuesday I actually said this: "They're one of the most emphatic, euphoric live shows going, or at least they were."

Standing, with a full chamber of James Murphy's twisted-kraut melodies hitting me in the face with the lines "Daft Punk is playing at my house", I'm just in shock. They're utterly stunning. One of the most compelling energies I've ever felt coming from a stage. And it was the Other Stage. THE OTHER STAGE. They're sending this crowd to levels of euphoria they simply haven't experienced before, and doing it on such typically Murphy-esque strange terms. It's simply an unstoppable energy; equal parts challenging and just completely danceable. 

'New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down'... Good grief. I've never shared tears with so many people I just don't know. And, dressed in a pristine white suit, Murphy's voice is just unbelievably stunning. Whether he's barking orders are simply asking questions monotonously, this is a continuing theme.

When he asks continually "where are you friends tonight?" with their anthem "All My Friends"  closing the set, we all remember the referendum result, look around at each other, hold hands, and start dancing.

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