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LOTR follow up: Amazon’s LOTR MMO has been cancelled

LOTR follow up: Amazon’s LOTR MMO has been cancelled
Amazon might be throwing endless wedge to make the Lord of the Rings tv show work, but things aren’t rosy in other forms of media, which is our way of introducing the fact the Amazon Game Studios massively multiplayer online title in the same world has been shelved… for now.
So what happened? Amazon had been working with Leyou Technologies to develop the game, which was announced in 2018. But in December 2020 Leyou were bought by Tencent Holdings Ltd, and Amazon and Tencent haven’t been able to agree on details, contracts etc.
So, Amazon announced its cancelled, which is the third AGS project to be axed compared to the grand total of zero actually released. All eyes on now on New World, chalked in for August, to see the AGS debut.

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