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La Roux in no Rush for Next Album

La Roux aren’t going to rush a second album out to follow up their success, telling 6 Music that they “want to wait until we've pretty much finished touring which is going to be in about a year." This, you might be thinking, is hardly news, after all the first album has only just come out. But singer Elly Jackson has also revealed something about how the band record. You might think a group whose sound is so dependent upon synths and electronics would seize upon the modern ability to ping tracks back and forth, but La Rouz are slightly old fashioned: "We're not the kind of people who will send mp3s from other countries. I hate stuff like that and I don't understand how anyone can work like that… I'd like to wait a good few months where we get to a point where can turn off our phones and go away and do it."

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