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Labour’s music festival is selling as badly as you imagined

Labour’s music festival is selling as badly as you imagined
When NME and Glastonbury went all out on promoting Jeremy Corbyn there was a rare moment of music and professional politics mixing well, but that bubble has burst. The Labour Party confused a summer of interest in a strangely radical leader with people wanting to attend a politician’s idea of a music festival and announced Labour Live.
All they had to was sell 15,700 tickets to White Hart Lane Recreational Ground in Tottenham on June 16 and it would be a success. After all, who wouldn’t want to hear The Magic Numbers and Reverend and the Makers?
Actually, almost no one wants to hear that awful lineup, and it’s only sold a third of its capacity. Given Corbyn’s popularity it’s amazing they couldn’t get a decent headline act, but then again it is being put together by people who can’t mount an effective opposition. Now MPs and Trade Unions are being asked to help flog tickets.

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