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Lady Gaga Pre Fame Footage

Are we the only people who listen to the chorus in Lady Gaga’s Love Games (it was on the radio, we were in a car) and instead think of the Mighty Boosh’s Love Games? Both are on YouTube if you want to do a comparison. And both dress up in silly costumes... but this is by way of an introduction. Lady Gaga didn’t just suddenly burst out onto the world, originally there was a college singer songwriter called Stefani Germanotta, and now video of her performing has hit YouTube: actually singing, dressed in normal clothes and playing a keyboard. See it here: http://tiny.cc/82mkf A reminder that behind the façade of post-modern art project/vain exhibitionism is actually a person who worked hard and got somewhere. Even if that somewhere does include a rumour that she’s got a cock. Such is fame.

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Hits your perverts HITS! He's only gone and pulled the tour they were supposed to be doing together. Asshole

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