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Lady Leshurr at Glastonbury

Lady Leshurr review at Glastonbury 2016

Winning some new converts along the way Lady Leshurr hit the Park stage on Saturday afternoon and by the end of it had everyone “Brushing their teeth”

For those that don’t know Birmingham born  Melisha O’ Garra, better known as Lady Lesharr,  has had an explosive couple of years. Building on her series of “Queen’s Speech” videos  the viral sensations have now notched up over 50 million views between them.

When Leshurr took to the Park stage on Saturday afternoon at 2pm even she was a little taken back by the size of the crowd that greeted her and chanted along with her likeable rhymes. Could have been the sun making a welcome appearance but more even more likely to have been her sheer personality and energy as she bounced around the stage interacting with both audience and 2 dancers both wearing “Queen” crop tops.

Songs like “Chase The Dream”, “1 Million Views” and of course wrapping up with “Queen’s Speech 4” the track that exploded her into the Youtube generation were all met with cheers and communal ands n the air vibes.

With a charm that was impossible to resist, expect to see her working up the stages in the next couple of years.


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