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Lana Del Rey tries to defend herself for playing in apartheid Israel and fails

Lana Del Rey tries to defend herself for playing in apartheid Israel and fails
There is a group of musicians who feel strongly enough about playing in an institutionally racist apartheid state that they won’t play gigs in Israel, but Lana Del Rey isn’t one of them. She’s playing a show in a country which routinely shoots unarmed protestors dead, and has understandably received a lot of complaints. 
Now she’s tried to defend herself with a long post on Twitter. It includes “We don’t always agree with the politics of the places we play within or in our own country – sometimes we don’t even feel safe, depending on how far abroad we travel – but we are musicians and we’ve dedicated our lives to being on the road … I would like to remind you that performing in Tel Aviv is not a political statement or a commitment to the politics there just as singing in California doesn’t mean my views are in alignment [with] my current government opinions or sometimes inhuman actions.”
Of course, when a group of people ask you not to play in their occupied country, as the occupiers shoot them dead with impunity, it is a political action to go and play there. 

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