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Lana talks more Get Free during Radiohead legal issues

Lana talks more Get Free during Radiohead legal issues
So Radiohead’s lawyers are still pursuing Lana Del Rey over similarities to Creep, a situation they’re familiar with as the same thing happened when lawyers came after them over… Creep. Hmm. Anyway, Lana said a few more words:
“I just want to let you know, regardless if it gets taken down off of everything, that those sentiments that I wrote… that I really am going to strive for them, even if that song is not on future physical releases of the record... I just wanted to let you know that for the kids and for the not-kids, who are the real fans, who are here. So that’s probably the last thing I’ll say about it. But thanks.”
Once upon a time, having the song taken off the record might have led to it fading away, but welcome to 2018 and the internet where nothing dies, except Toby Young’s political career because of the internet.

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