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Junkyard folk, sunkissed punk, dusty dub and soul drenched electronics have all made an appearance in the April Free Track Friday selections. Here's a quick round up of what you might have missed, and a chance to get your self some of the worlds finest new sounds for not a penny - Click on the links to access the listening and downloading pages.

The Thermals

Scrappy and charming, these Portland punk veterans are on reaching the UK this July to bring their "raw power and unhinged adolescent energy... loud, catchy, more than a little paranoid..."

Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kayate

Finding out just what happens when Joe Driscoll, a New Yorker combining folk and hip hop to great effect - hooks up with Sekou Kayate, a Guniean Kora maestro none as the Hendrix of the instrument - the result is a haze of dusty, sunbleached dub beauty.

Mice Parade

The alt-folk-indie veterans, who paved the way for acts from Gizzly Bear to Alt-J, are due to follow up 2012's excellent Candela album with a selection of live works, and were kind enough to give us this amazing 8 minute mandolin powered folk freak out.

Flies & Flies

London new comers Flies & Flies layer "the grinding electronic pulse and sexy melancholy of Depeche Mode's finest work" with sudden acoustic twists and turns, making a new sound quite unlike any we've heard. Catch them before the rest of the world does...

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