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LeeFest presents The Neverland: August 10 12

LeeFest presents The Neverland: August 10 – 12
At the end of next week LeeFest are holding an event called The Neverland, running from August 10 to 12. The headliners are Mercury Music Prize nominated Kate Tempest, who is bringing poetry back from the realms of self-published on Amazon and into cool, as well as Annie Mac, the fast rising DJ and presenter. Also on the bill is Jake Bugg and much more.
There’s another main act, but they’re keeping it a secret for now so… we can’t say.
There’s yoga, fun and debates, the latter if you don’t actually like escapism, because the Neverland part of the title means there is a large and expansive theme, including pirates, mermaids and Lost Boys. Tickets are on sale now.

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