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Legoland have built a model Glastonbury

Legoland have built a model Glastonbury
We love Glastonbury, but we also love Lego, and we never expected the two to mix because we weren’t going to take a thousand brick fire station along to the festival. But joy, genuine joy, because Legoland have built a Glastonbury.
They used nearly 10,000 bricks to build a Pyramid Stage, tents, loos, punters and even Ed Sheeran, as well as an all Lego sign telling you what it is. You can see it at Legoland Windsor, and the queue is probably smaller.
Here’s a statement that doesn’t convey the awesomeness: “Our Model Makers have had a huge amount of fun building this year’s headliners for our Miniland Glastonbury scene – especially creating a model of self-confessed LEGO fan, Ed Sheeran who complete with his miniature LEGO guitar is made up of just 61 LEGO bricks”. 

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