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Liam Gallagher: 'Oasis did in 3 years what took The Beatles 8'

Liam Gallagher: 'Oasis did in 3 years what took The Beatles 8'

If there's two things we can all be sure about Liam Gallagher, it's his famous temperament and an admiration for the Beatles. Well today he's mixed the two in some quite incredible comments.

Speaking at a Q and A for the band's film, Supersonic, he spoke of Oasis' meteoric rise, citing how they'd done what The Beatles did in 8 years in a mere 3.

"What we did in three took the Beatles eight. Good, y’know, fuckin’ rightly so. I thought we were the bollocks and I thought we’d be doing that all over the world.

"I thought America would buy it, everyone would buy it… But that my friend is cocaine for you."

Then why couldn't they crack America? "I don’t know man, they like all the razzmatazz don’t they and we weren’t given them any of that. They thought we were cunts and they didn’t know how to handle us so it was move along boys y’know what I mean.

"But I’m fuckin’ glad about it. We could’ve gone over there and married an American actress and got a house in Malibu and started wearing biker jackets and pointy shoes and all that shit."

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