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Life is Beautiful: The Top 5 Acts We Want To Catch

Life is Beautiful: The Top 5 Acts We Want To Catch
Life is Beautiful isn’t just a declaration of optimistic intent, it’s also a major festival in Las Vegas. For three days in September, eighteen blocks of Downtown Vegas are filled with music, comedy, art, food, and as much culture, fun and feelings as you want to find. Let’s face it, the Crime on Canvas exhibit with art by Mark Ryden and Zoey Stevens among others is mandatory. The core is the lineup of musical acts, so here’s the five we’re most looking forward to reviewing from September 21st to 23rd, 2018.
Arcade Fire
Yes, Arcade Fire are topping the bill, and yes putting them in a list of bands we want to review might seem easy. But here’s the thing: the office is massively divided over Arcade Fire. For every person who still loves them there’s someone who thinks their last two albums were bad… but even they wonder if Arcade Fire can still carry the magic live and make those albums come to life in person. So we’re excited to see Arcade Fire because we want to know what’s going on, and if they’re still a thrilling live outfit (maybe) suffering from the transition to record.
First Aid Kit
There must be some mistake, First Aid Kit are listed in the middle of the bill not at the top… are they not as famous as we thought? Or are we just big fans who have been listening to these Swedish sisters for years and assumed everyone else did too? If the sun isn’t out that day the duo will certainly bring it with a shimmering folk music that’s pure beauty. Next year they’ll be higher.

Blood Orange
A man of many guises, all of them good: Dev Hynes is one of those quality creators who ought to be more famous, but is probably perfectly content where he is. The new Blood Orange material is very good and still fresh, so why wouldn’t we want to see him perform it live? But no one ask for any Test Icicles to be performed, a name that’s the opposite of his triumphantly conjured Negro Swan concept.
The Presets
Now a confession: The Presets’ indie dance banger This Boy’s In Love remains one of our absolute favourites, but we’ve really fallen behind in where the group are now. Has the angular music of their early years mellowed, have they gone tropical house (oh god no,) what’s it going to be like in a full set? They formed fifteen years ago in Australia in an industry which chews you up and a genre where people rarely have the same name for a few tunes in a row. We are intrigued.
We know Elohim’s got a lot of great songs, but we’re going just because of the really cute but simultaneously devastatingly sad video for Hallucinating:


Life is Beautiful runs from September 21 - 23 in Downtown, Las Vegas. 3 Day Tickets are all sold out but you can still get the last single day and VIP tickets  if you're quick! get them HERE

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