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Like Zappa Before Them......

Email: zappatika@gmail.com
Url: http://www.myspace.com/zappatika

ZAPPATiKA is perhaps one of the strangest bands around today who are grasping the "Zappa-esque" genre very much for their own ! And ,like their hero Frank Zappa the line up keeps on moving,changing and expanding.....

With a host of their own eclectic compositions and a huge set list of Zappa tunes too,ZAPPATiKA is a very busy and popular live band at festivals and good venues around Europe. Their first studio offering ,The Short but legendary Flight of the Dodo, has been very well received and will be followed by the second album Natural Born Killers ,early in 2010.

Starting out as a 5 piece they first changed Bass players,choosing 19 year old THE KID, who apparently blew 'everyone' away at auditions, then expanded to 6 and ,this summer, they have been auditioning a variety of different potential new players, "The future could mean anything up to 10 musicans on stage" ,says band leader Mcinnes, "certainly a 3rd guitar player,to alleviate some of the work and give us some more theatrical freedom on stage....plus a new (very young) keyboard player who is really rather good. We've also been looking at a trumpet player, a saxofonist and even had a listen to a Bagpipe guy recently ! More guys ,or girls, on stage just makes the arrangements even more challenging and the live show even more fun ,for us - and the audience !"

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