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Lil Wayne Stops Performance Short After 10 Minutes

Lil Wayne Stops Performance Short After 10 Minutes

On Saturday 23rd July, the Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup was continuing its 3-day weekend in none other than the sunny state of California in San Bernardino. For those who may be unfamiliar with this event, its practically what Snoop Dogg would call Christmas as it’s a competition launched by HIGH TIMES to see who can make the best weed in a total of 13 competition categories for solvent and non-solvent extractions in an effort to simultaneously lead the industry while also recognising emerging market demands.

The event also held a concert which had a line-up of B.o.B and Lil Wayne. The rapper was scheduled to do an hour set and was able to perform four songs which includes ‘Pop That’ and ‘We Be Steady Mobbin’. However, according to XXL reports, Lil Wayne looked at the side of the stage and sang, "Don't you ever call me to do this shit again. Don't you, ever, ever, ever, ask me to do this shit again." Midway through the next song, Wayne marched offstage and didn't return.

HIGH TIMES stated that they “have no idea” for why Lil Wayne ended his performance so soon and are yet to receive an explanation for his actions. The rapper has yet to make any comments on his social media platforms but dissatisfied fans are making it clear that they were not pleased with what has happened by making comments on Lil Wayne’s Instagram.



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