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Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure

Lil Wayne Suffers Another Seizure

Only a month after his last hospitalisation, the rapper is currently recovering from another seizure at his home in Miami, Florida.

On Wednesday 6th July, Lil Wayne was due to be on stage at Las Vegas’ TAO nightclub where he was supposed to co-host a pre-party for the Ultimate Fighting Championship 200 event. Moments before he reportedly suffered from an epilepsy scare which prompted him to cancel his role at the pre-party and head over to the nearest hospital where he was treated in the intensive care unit according to TMZ.com.

Supposedly this incident was caused by the rapper’s prescription medication, which is currently being balanced out by doctors to prevent further seizures. As mentioned earlier this isn’t the first time the rapper experienced a seizure in recent history as his private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in Nebraska on 13th June when the rapper suffered a seizure during his flight from Wisconsin to California. Reports suggest the 33-year-old refused medical attention and then suffered a second seizure as his plane prepared to take off again.

Lil Wayne has yet to comment on his latest hospitalisation but there is very little doubt that it must have been very traumatic for him. When he made his health issues known to the public back in 2013 he claimed to MTV News that they come with no warning. "I go to sleep and wake up in the hospital," he said. "I don't feel anything. I just hope it stops happening”.

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