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Lily Allen explains why she slept with prostitutes

Lily Allen explains why she slept with prostitutes
Lily Allen recently rushed out a confession from her last tour, doing so to beat the terrible spin of the Daily Mail. She confessed to sleeping with prostitutes:
“Sooo, in my book ‘My Thoughts Exactly’ (out on 20th Sept) I detail some stuff from my dark days, around the ‘Sheezus’ era… I slept with female escorts when I was on tour, cause I was lost and lonely and looking for something. I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed. I don’t do it anymore. The Mail are gonna run with the story tomorrow cause someone leaked it, and they’re bound to make sound worse than it was. Just wanted to give you Er, the ‘heads up’.”
Now she’s spoken to the Project and explained her emotions in more detail: 
“It’s not like steamy, raunchy – although that’s what the tabloids have made it out to be, as a ‘lesbian prostitute sex romp’ which I guess it was in a way… It was more about a period of time that I was feeling incredibly lonely and sort of at my wits end. I was looking for anything. Looking for an outlet.”
Indeed, “It’s not really a salacious sex story, it’s more about hotel rooms and being on my own and being very far away from my kids and my husband… I’m a big advocate for having no shame. In retrospect, I know what was going on. I think I had postnatal depression and my marriage was deteriorating and I found outlets to deal with all of that.”

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