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Live Review: Christine and the Queens on the Other Stage

Live Review: Christine and the Queens on the Other Stage
Christine and the Queens kick off with fireworks. No, we don’t mean guest stars, bullet proof vests or even Chris Martin, we mean actual fireworks: there’s a lot of Roman Candles on stage. We confess we don’t know if the simulated combat dancing was a comment on anything or just style, but with a big stage and a dark night, Christine breaks into a performance which manages to be a better Madonna than Madonna now is (or, sticking strictly to Glasto references), Janet Jackson yesterday.
Curiously, the backup dancers in their mixture of urban fashion and the way they move around (and interact with Christine) reminds us of West End Shows. Christine and the Queens starring in West Side Story… I mean we’d go and see that too. 
Chris, as she tells us we can call her, reminds us that this is the last chance to sweat it out, although I’d put money we could find a field where the part will continue till the sun comes up. Her dancers encourage us, and if we’re mentioning them a lot it’s because they’re genuinely fascinating, telling stories with their movements instead of just abusing geometry. Essentially, we’ve discovered that Christine and the Queens 2019 Glastonbury performance is the gateway drug you use on people if, in six months, you want to take them to see ballet or any other specialist dance performance. Oddly, this is working on a stage in a massive field in front of tens of thousands of people.
Oh, yeah, there’s singing too. As we’ve hinted above, Chris has always seemed to be what Madonna would be now if she actually started now and was interested in music and culture rather than feeding off controversy. We mean that musically as well as everything else. 
So trumpet blowing now. We’d scribbled notes down during the show, about the musical theatre stuff, before Chris talks about growing up feeling like an outsider, and how one escape was theatre… so it’s all coming across to the audience. At one point Chris even went into a dance solo and there was a group singalong to David Bowie’s Heroes. 
Christine and the Queens was a lesson in how you can be minimal, but still put on an amazing show if you have a truly theatrical heart. And the tunes.

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