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Live Review: Foals secret Glastonbury set

Live Review: Foals secret Glastonbury set
A scan of the Glastonbury official website in recent days has contained an interesting hole: 18:15 on the Park stage has been TBC. The rumours were wide and intriguing, and when you’re the Supajam team you’re never sure who to send for what might happen. However, when it became apparent earlier today that Foals were playing I did an actual run, before waiting on tenterhooks: after all, we might have been wrong.
But we were right. Foals took to the stage and went right into a hit packed set. There’s been a varying energy level across the festival, from the thunderous power of Stormzy to the half asleep, but Foals were fully engaged from the start. If we were to say ‘they sounded like Foals’, you’ll probably know what we mean: they’re a brilliant band and they don’t have to put on some special show to compete, they just have to do what they do… 
They did. The thing about Foals’ music is it works anywhere. We’re not jealous of the staffer who had to see Janet Jackson in the sun in a field, but the mixture of metallic and rough, shimmery and seductive helps this particular band blend in. Half beach, half darkness, all great songs. See them in the light on a hot afternoon? No problem, perfect. They could now go and play this same stage at eleven tonight in the rain and we’d still love to just as much, we’d just be reflecting different facets in their sound. And yes, that is our way of saying they should be higher on these bills.
They’re very good at telling the audience what album each song is off, reaching a highpoint with the song they wrote and immediately thought would be perfect for Glastonbury… really we should tell you the name but after the song they thanked Emily “Evilis” and I laughed so hard I forgot. I blame the heat. After that the cavalcade of bangers all blurred into one tremendous show.
Let’s not meet like this again guys. Let’s go public.

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