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Live Review: Goat Girl on the John Peel Stage

Live Review: Goat Girl on the John Peel Stage
Goat Girl arrived at Glastonbury under a cloak of acclaim and the roof of a John Peel tent that’s packed out even though it’s basically lunch on the first day. The immediate thing that struck us was how wonderfully crisp the music sounds, and maybe it’s because we were at Black Deer Festival last week but these songs could have fitted into their Americana remit equally as well as the genres we’ve seen GG tagged, like post punk.
Of course, niceties like shimmering guitar soon get rubbed off by a collection of songs with eyes on the state of modern life, a collection of angry, pointed lyrics and wonderful cynicism. A fifties rock star from a decaying tower block. It is, perhaps, odd to be at a great festival on a great day and find yourself singing along to ‘I don’t care’ in the same way you’d throw V’s at the town bully, but we have our escape from Brexit anthem for the next three days of escape. 
Goat Girl lose nothing live compared to their recordings. This is a band who can play and sound both lush and metallic, and we’ve heard many an act in our time who can’t! As time progesses either the electronics become more pronounced or we are better attuned to them, from moments which sound like the BBC Radiophonic workshop soundtracking a dystopia. 
As the gig comes to and end and we return to sunlight, we know we’ll return to Goat Girl’s world when life gets tough, but today it was like seeing goths on a beach: resolutely sticking to their guns but going for it anyway, and we mean that as praise.

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